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Fahy ir kt. Tyrimo tikslas — įvertinti sergančiųjų išemine širdies ligapsichoemocinių depresijos ir nerimo bei miego sutrikimųsąsają.

Almost everyone felt stressed and frightened due to the health crisis when started, but that doesn't mean we should disregard the fact that even the darkest clouds have silver linings.

Tai nėra išsamus šalutinių poveikių sąrašas, o kiti gali pasireikšti.

And despite the challenging background of the pandemic, there are still a lot of things that we should be grateful for. Here are the 5 things that we think you should be appreciative of this Thanksgiving. Almost all the places around the world lost a secure sense of safety due to the pandemic and other calamities, but we were able to adapt and we continue to do so.

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So, if you feel safe now at home right now, with a roof above your head, a warm bed to sleep on, and comfy clothes to wear, then you should be thankful. Also, not all have the opportunity to go shopping at the mall, spend leisure time outside, and interact easily with other people in the community, so don't take that chance for granted. We should all take a moment to feel thankful for the healthy skin, strong immune system, and euphoric mind and body.

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After all, being grateful for our health also means showing gratitude for being alive. Before the pandemic, everyone was preoccupied with the luvox cr svorio kritimas routines that they forgot to even share a meal with their loved ones, but when the world stopped for a moment, they viewed the pandemic luvox cr svorio kritimas a window of opportunity to strengthen family ties.

If you have your brothers, sisters, and parents with you, be thankful for them.

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Their mere existence allows us to get through the challenging times of being in isolation. And if you live miles away from your nearest relative, you should also be thankful for them for keeping you strong through digital means despite the distance.

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The same thing could be said to your friends. Loyal friendships get us through the hard and good times. A good laugh shared on Zoom undeniably keeps the boredom away, so take this chance to reach out to your friends and say thanks.

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Social media pages, like Facebook and Youtube, streaming and gaming apps, teleconferencing sites have allowed us to make use of our free time. We are able to let out a laugh when we needed it the most, connect with loved ones, work from home, continue online learning, and learn new hobbies through technological advancement.

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Without Netflix, Facebook, or Zoom, everything would be so much harder, so take a moment to recognize the positive impact of technology. Doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, teachers, transit drivers, delivery people, grocery store staff, factory laborers, and other essential workers—these are the people who heroically risk their health every day just to make our lives easier.

Their immense contribution nowadays needs no explanation to be recognized.

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We urge everyone to take this time to show appreciation for their service. More often than not, people get caught up in the things that they want and overlook the value of the little things they already have.

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This Thanksgiving, Cottonique hopes you will not forget to think on the brighter side of things this year. May you realize that if you just take things slow and think through everything you have, there are a ton of things to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!